Artist Map FAQ

What is the Artist Map?

The Artist Map is an exclusive artist development approach offered by I.P.O. Records.  The Map grew out of the combined experiences of John Mandeville’s two decades’ in the music industry, and a desire to equip other artists to navigate the rapidly evolving digital music era. As a hit songwriter, producer, artist, and current indie label owner, his expertise and relationships combine old school wisdom with new school methods, connecting emerging artists with real-world advice, and the resources they need to go to the next level in their careers. All of this while keeping each artist in the driver’s seat of their music careers, and retaining full ownership of their creative work.

Can you describe the Artist Map process?

Sure. The Artist Map process is divided into two phases, Development and Launch. Either phase is a mutual commitment of six months between the artist and I.P.O. During each phase, artists will be scheduled for 30-minute live sessions every other week, where they will work through Artist Map topics directly with Mandeville or other I.P.O. network professionals. Artists will be given strategic tasks and goals to accomplish during each live session. The weeks between live sessions will be supported by email coaching and support for each Artist Map topic.

How are the Development and Launch phases different?

The Development phase works through foundational questions of artist identity, artistic focus, songwriting, song copyrights, identifying an artist’s audience, support network, and guides each artist through the recording process once these defining points are clarified. The Launch phase offers guidance on pulling together the various elements required to take an artist’s music public, as their recording is finished, or for artists who already have their music recorded.  Direction is provided regarding audio master copyrights, photo shoots, artist logos, branding, CD or EP graphic design, web content creation, promotion, distribution, and more. During either phase, artists will have access to other experts within our network, depending on their individual needs at the time. Some of these referrals may result in fees beyond the Artist Map agreement.

So why isn’t the Artist Map free? Is this a scam?

The Artist Map is a new approach to artist development that empowers emerging artists, rather than exploiting them. It’s true that there is a lot of free information online about just about everything, including artist development. But – even with so much free advice floating around, it’s still true that you get what you pay for.  There is a world of difference between guessing your way through a step-by-step guide or eBook and having consistent, personal interaction with a team of encouraging advisors who’ve already been where you’re going. The Artist Map allows any artist to learn in just a few months what we’ve literally invested our entire careers to learn – often the hard way. The Artist Map educates you in how to create and manage your own artistry, rather than handing your dreams off to someone else and hoping they don’t become a nightmare. Every Artist Map artist also retains full ownership of their work. Artists regularly pay for vocal coaching, instrument lessons, choreography, performance coaching, and more. The Artist Map simply charges a reasonable ticket price for meeting a critical need – advising artists on how to connect the various aspects involved in creating meaningful synergy around their music.

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