Artist & Music Promotion Services

I.P.O. Records offers Artist & Music Promotion Services. Whether you need help getting a song from your brain into the form of a legit recording for the masses, or any of the elements between here and there, I.P.O. Records can help guide you through that fog with our proprietary Artist Map process and network of professionals.  Leverage our network of in-house and third-party resources to put the pieces in place that are currently missing in your recording, branding, or music promotion puzzle. Check out the list of proven Artist & Music Promotion Services that we offer.

Sign up for your Free Artist Account today in our Artist Map Community and Get Heard! Benefit from artist-minded music promotion services and tools that will help you start making noise about your music, while reaching new fans. It’s free, people. What are you waiting for? Sign up here.

The Artist Map is our unique artist development process, empowering you as an emerging artist to navigate a career in the digital music era. Think of it as an artist’s GPS, guiding you through the process of finding your artistic voice, writing and recording your music, developing a visual brand for it, and implementing a plan to promote it to the audience your music was created to reach. Artist & Music Promotion Services, customized to each client. Click here to Get On The Map.

I.P.O. is reinventing hosting with artist’s needs in mind via Artist Profiles in our Artist Map Community. Our packages include promotional widgets, social network integration, an online store and a proprietary interface that will allow you as an artist to maintain a current web presence easily in just one place. All of this without having to learn how to write code just to update your info (like you don’t already have enough to do!). And – our basic Artist Account is Free. Get your Free Artist Account here!

From logo design, artist and merchandise branding, to high-impact content for press, web or printed media, our A.M.cre8iv design team delivers consistently great branding that reflects each artist’s message and image. Whether you need custom design work for your website, facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube, reverbnation or other social network pages, our A.M.cre8iv design team can make it happen for you. Designed with your vision in mind, we’ll do all that we can to make your web presence stand out. Check out the A.M.cre8iv Design Packages and Services in the Artist Services area of our Artist Map Community. Cohesive branding is as important to your music promotion efforts as your music itself. Speaking of music…

I.P.O. Records offers a full-spectrum of production support for independent diy recording artists. Before you spend a buck on any music promotion services, be sure you’ve recorded music that’s ready for promotion. With six certified gold records and multiple awards to his credit as a songwriter, producer and artist himself, trusting any aspect of your recording and production to John Mandeville is a solid decision. Click here to check out our production page for more info, or browse Mandeville’s credits here.

Do you need your own Artist Store where you can sell your music and merch online? Maybe you are looking mobile distribution, digital distribution, or getting physical retail product in stores. We’ve got you covered. Check out our Distribution options in the Artist Services area of our Artist Map Community here.

Social Network Promotion & eBlasts:
I.P.O. Records’ offers a full range of online and old-school music promotion services through our industry-dominant marketing partners. Much more than social network and email promotion packages are available. Visit the Artist Services area of the Artist Map Community to find out more, or read on.

Every release needs publicity of some form to let the world know it’s happening. I.P.O. has affiliate publicists to help make some noise about your project and reach your target audience. Connect with us in the Artist Services area of the Artist Map Community to check out all of our promotional packages.

Full service support at Radio, including: (Major (BDS & Media Base), Satellite, College, Secondary & Internet (Radio Wave). Formats include: Urban, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Dance, Rhythmic, UAC, R&B, CHR, Pop, CCM, Gospel, National Charts (Retail & Radio).

Full details on all of our Artist Services can be found in the Artist Map Community. Check it out here. Or message us with your specific artist and music promotion needs. We’re here to help you Put Your Music on The Map.